Conference Action Toolkit

Conference Action Toolkit


Provide a set of resources for individuals and teams to reflect on learning and plan after-conference actions

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How do we turn new learning into an actionable plan?

Educational conferences provide educators with opportunities to engage in rich conversations with like-minded colleagues, learn new strategies, and access resources and materials relevant to their role. Conference participants often experience feelings of excitement, hope, and a renewed sense of energy or passion; however, at the same time, feelings of anxiety, frustration, and a bit of fear creep in when trying to make sense of all that has been introduced to them. What, though, do they do with all this newly acquired information and energy once the conference is over?

This toolkit is designed to support individuals and/or teams in organizing and making sense of everything learned at a conference--from keynote speakers, session presenters, other educators, and vendors--and provides a means for taking actionable steps.

Pre-Conference Goal Setting & Planning

1. Start with a Clear Purpose and Outcomes 

2. Use your Conference Session Selection Worksheet to select sessions that match your goals

At the Conference

3. Capture your Thinking During Sessions

4. Network!

5. Share Ideas 

  • Look for opportunities around the conference to meet and plan with your team before you lose those great ideas!
  • Invite others to meet and share your thinking.

6. Reflect

Post-Conference Action Planning

7. Commit to Action

8. Measure Impact

9. Make a Strategic Implementation Plan