Presenter Information


Presenters are expected to be learners as well as presenters. All presenters and co-presenters must register to attend the conference.

Presenter Phone


Housing is not included in the conference registration process. Rooms fill up quickly, so make your reservation as early as possible.

Audiovisual equipment

Learning Forward will provide all session rooms with a screen, LCD projector, 1 audio connection (either a computer or microphone), and wireless Internet connectivity. Any other AV equipment needed will be the responsibility of the presenters.


Presenters are responsible for uploading, reproducing and providing all handouts for participants. All appropriate sources must be cited and permission, where required, must be obtained with regard to the materials used in the session. Presenters are strongly encouraged to make handouts available online through Learning Forward’s website for conference attendees. Details regarding electronic handout submission will be available in November.

This was an amazing conference with the powerhouses of education all packed into one place.

— Lauren Vaclavik

Non-Commercial policy

Learning Forward policy prohibits the sale of products and services during conference presentations. Presenters may not display or distribute brochures or order forms, talk about their services, promote themselves, or sell their publications. Referencing or citing a presenter’s own publications is acceptable.