Victoria Bill

Institute for Learning, Pittsburgh, PA

Victoria is a resident fellow with the Institute for Learning (IFL) at the University of Pittsburgh. Bill is the chair of the IFL mathematics team. She designs professional development in mathematics, curriculum, student performance assessments, and teaching and learning tools. Bill was a co-principal investigator on a collaborative research project between researchers from the Literacy Research and Development Center, the IFL, and the Tennessee Department of Education on the development of an Instructional Mathematics Coaching Model.She has recently writtena book, entitled Taking Action: Implementing the Effective Teaching Practices in Grades PreK-5, NCTM.

I would like to commend the Learning Forward Team for such an awesome opportunity to attend the conferences which provide such awesome strategies and instructional standards that my team implements at our STEM/Science Center.

— 2018 Attendee

The Annual Learning Forward Conference is the best professional development offered each year.  It allows you to personalize your learning and focus on what you need to continue growing.B

— Brian Faulkner