Thomas Van Soelen

Van Soelen & Associates, Lawrenceville, GA

Thomas enjoys creating and participating in collaborative experiences everywhere he goes – as president of Van Soelen & Associates, a professional development and coaching firm in Atlanta, Georgia; a national facilitator for the School Reform Initiative; and as a music director at his local church. Van Soelen draws on his pre-K-12 teaching experiences in Iowa, California, and Florida as well as time spent preparing undergraduates and graduate students at several institutions. After several teaching and leading experiences, he most recently served as the associate superintendent in City Schools of Decatur (GA). One of his major areas of focus involves improving the effectiveness and efficiency of learning communities, particularly using discussion protocols. He also coaches leaders how to write observational feedback that teachers crave and find helpful. His most recent book, Crafting the Feedback Teachers Need and Deserve: A Guide for Leaders, offers insight into a five-year implementation of those skills in a school district.

I want to express my gratitude for assembling a top-quality learning experience for myself as a curriculum/professional learning director and for my adult professional learning team in my district.  It was what we needed when we needed it.

— 2018 Attendee

This is by far my favorite conference.  I always walk away feeling smarter and more prepared to do the work!

— Chuck Holland