Shanna Estep

EdReports, Durham, NC

Shanna is an outreach specialist for Estep most recently served as the Director of the Standards, Assessment, and Instruction initiative with the CORE Districts and led a team comprised of 50 senior instructional leaders representing each of those districts. Estep brings more than 25 years of experience in education, including writing curriculum and assessments for AIMS Education Foundation and teaching at Fresno Pacific University, as well as acting as a professional development specialist, and coach for districts across the country in the area of mathematics education and reform. Estep began her career as a math and science teacher and through her years in the classroom, has taught multiple grades K-12. She is a proud graduate of California State University, Fresno where she received her Bachelors and Masters Degrees.

The level of intellectual stimulation and dialogue is unparalleled. There is always someone nearby or at your table who can help process new ideas or help you think about how what you’re hearing applies to your work. The balance of research and application is really nice. Getting to hear from top authors about their current projects helps me feel very informed so that I can feel abreast of current trends in the professional learning field. At the same time, the balance of topics that are “oldies but goodies” is nice because there are always new practitioners joining the conference.

— 2018 Attendee

This is the best professional learning conference for educators!

— LeAnn Morris