Sarah Westbrook

The Right Question Institute, Cambridge, MA

Sarah is the Director of Professional Learning for the Right Question Institute (RQI), an educational non-profit based in Boston, MA. Sarah designs and delivers RQI professional learning, informed by ongoing partnerships and collaborations with teachers and districts across the country. As a high school English teacher in the Boston area, Sarah saw firsthand the tremendous positive impact on student engagement, empowerment, and agency when students feel comfortable generating their own questions. Her passion is finding opportunities to highlight and validate the innovative, dedicated work teachers do every day that often goes unseen. She has worked with a range of audiences ranging from the Iowa Department of Education, Hawaii State Department of Education, Chicago Public Schools, Cincinnati Public Schools, and national conferences including NSTA and ASCD.

As a first-year instructional coach, this conference gave me much to reflect upon as I head into the second half of the year. Hearing from others who have been on my journey was inspiring and energizing.

2017 Conference Attendee

This was my first Learning Forward conference experience. I was able to attend with 5 other colleagues. From the moment it started we felt welcomed and a part of a much larger community of teachers/coaches and learners. The sessions were directly relevant to my work and not only gave me new ideas, theories or frameworks but gave me the opportunity to truly reflect on my own practice.

— Heidi Wilhelm