Nancy Gerzon

WestEd, Woburn, MA

Nancy supports education leaders to improve policy and develop systemwide approaches to increasing student learning. She has led teams from state education agencies, districts, and schools to develop policy and practice in formative assessment, data use, and instructional alignment, helping numerous schools develop systems for teacher learning, improve achievement, and exit Program Improvement status. Gerzon cowrote Growing into Equity: Professional Learning and Personalization in High-Achieving Schools (Corwin Press, 2013), which analyzes professional learning and leadership practices in four high-achieving, high-poverty schools.

The level of intellectual stimulation and dialogue is unparalleled. There is always someone nearby or at your table who can help process new ideas or help you think about how what you’re hearing applies to your work. The balance of research and application is really nice. Getting to hear from top authors about their current projects helps me feel very informed so that I can feel abreast of current trends in the professional learning field. At the same time, the balance of topics that are “oldies but goodies” is nice because there are always new practitioners joining the conference.

— 2018 Attendee

Learning Forward’s Annual Conference is my absolute favorite conference. It always provides me with inspiration, tools and new contacts to help further my learning and thus the quality of professional learning at my school.

— Kate Cottrell