Leyton Schnellert

Leyton Schnellert is a community-based researcher who leads collaborative inquiry teams throughout British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. Dr Schnellert’sscholarship attends to how teachers and teaching and learners and learning can embrace student diversity, multiple literacies and pedagogical practices that draw from students’ funds of knowledge to build participatory, collaborative, and culturally responsive learning communities. Leyton has presented and published his research in local, provincial, national and international forums and co-authored 6 books for educators including Developing Self-Regulating Learners, Student Diversity, It’s All About Thinking and Pulling Together.

This is by far my favorite conference.  I always walk away feeling smarter and more prepared to do the work!

— Chuck Holland

Learning Forward is my number one source for deep professional learning and designing effective professional learning systems for my district. This is the one conference and learning experience that I fight for every year.

— Mark St. Clair