Kevin Bruney

Centerpoint Education Solutions, Washington, DC

Kevin has over ten years of experience in education as a classroom teacher, department chair, district math coach, and state level math assessment content specialist. Prior to joining CenterPoint, Bruney served as the math lead in the development of the state assessment for Arizona (AzMERIT) and was the Arizona representative on the Math Operational Working Group for the PARCC consortium. He holds an MA in Teacher Elementary Education, and a BA in Management and Organizational Development.

Presenters are familiar with adult learning strategies. Attendees are passionate educators who want to improve education for all. Great opportunities to interact with educators from all over the country.


— 2018 Attendee

The Learning Forward Conference avails leaders throughout the country an opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue and effective practices for the purpose of supporting educators and improving student achievement.

— 2018 Attendee