Diana Ely

Northside ISD, San Antonio, TX

Diana is the director of organizational development and oversees the professional development 10,000 employees in Northside. Her department includes a training facility, a professional library, a teacher resource room, and the staff to run them. In addition, she works with new teacher development, teacher development and leadership development. Diana coordinates multiple teacher and leadership programs. Her department focuses the work around effective teaching practices and classroom management across all content and grade levels and leadership development across all departments and campuses. Diana serves on the Learning Forward Texas Board of Directors and as a trainer for the organization.

This conference was first class all the way.  It helped me get a better understanding of many of the various aspects of professional learning and what it looks like across the country/world.  I had heard nothing but positive comments about this conference and it did not disappoint.  I appreciate all of the learning opportunities and the support of the staff.

— 2018 Attendee

Quality big name speakers during concurrent sessions. Facilitators engaged participants. Focused on professional learning.  It’s rare to attend a conference with TONS of sessions that are relevant for my work (professional developer).

— 2018 Attendee