Amanda Avallone

Next Generation Learning Challenges

Before joining NGLC in 2017, Amanda Avallone taught secondary English and French and was a founding teacher and leader at an innovative charter school in Boulder, CO. She worked as a consultant and held leadership roles in a variety of settings: small rural schools, large urban districts, and education nonprofits. Her areas of passion include adult professional learning, next gen school and learning design, and connecting educators to one another via stories, resources, and in-person events. Inspired by the powerful stories of educators who are transforming learning, Amanda believes they are the change agents who can redesign education for equity and lifelong student success.


Learning Forward is my number one source for deep professional learning and designing effective professional learning systems for my district. This is the one conference and learning experience that I fight for every year.

— Mark St. Clair

This is by far my favorite conference.  I always walk away feeling smarter and more prepared to do the work!

— Chuck Holland