PC 203

Leading Coherence for Deep Learning


Leaders who thrive in turbulent, complex times bring people and ideas together to develop learners who can innovate, apply thinking to new situations, and contribute to the betterment of humanity. Explore a coherence framework that provides a dynamic, customizable pathway to build the capacity of your team to deepen student learning. Consider the right drivers for leading coherent change:

  • Focusing direction to build collective purpose;
  • Cultivating collaborative cultures that provide the pathway for change;
  • Deepening learning as the core strategy for impacting student learning; and
  • Securing accountability that is essential to measure growth and be accountable to yourselves and the public.

Join this highly interactive session, which uses video, simulations, vignettes, and case examples, to explore deep learning and strategies to develop cultures of learning for whole system change. By examining rich exemplars, you will gain insights into innovation for transforming learning and leadership.