Justify Your Attendance

Get employer support for attending the Learning Forward Annual Conference

Even in tough economic times, effective professional learning remains the single most powerful lever for improving educator effectiveness to increase student achievement. Attendance at Learning Forward’s Annual Conference is the best investment you can make to learn about professional learning that advances educator and student performance. The conference offers education leaders the connections, tools, learning opportunities, and resources they need to understand high-quality professional learning and embed it in the school day. However, we know that making the case to attend conferences can be difficult, which is why we’ve built a justification toolkit that contains tools and tips to help support resources allocation requests, and to clarify how attendance at our conference will help you, your colleagues, and the students your impact.

This was the first conference in a long time that I left feeling like I had grown professionally. Often times conferences are full of “infomercials” for products but don’t provide me with knowledge and skills that I can implement immediately. Thank you for challenging my thinking and inspiring me!

— Dawn Spurlock

Download the justification toolkit

This kit includes:

  • Sample letter: Request for approval
  • Talking points
  • Role-specific tracks
  • Benefits to district
  • Who attends
  • Early registration pricing
  • Alternative funding options
  • Schedule at a glance

Learning First Alliance Letter

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